City Church nursery exists with the same goals and heart as City Church of New Orleans. We want to minister to children while they are in our care and present the message of the Gospel to them at a young age. As a child grows in our nursery, we want to focus on the foundations of faith, which will last them a lifetime.  As each child moves from class to class within our nursery, they will be nurtured, and taught the Word of God.

We are a “well” nursery.  This means that we proactively look for signs of illness before allowing children into our classrooms.  Most of our staff has been CPR certified.

We are a safe nursery.  We have a secure check-in and checkout system that includes photos.  Anyone who works within our nursery has undergone a background check.

Our nursery also includes a private room for nursing mothers.  With live feed, you do not have to miss hearing the message while tending to your little one.  We also have a parenting room for fathers, mothers, and other guardians to use while tending to nursery-aged children.

Feel free to contact City Church of New Orleans’ Nursery Director Pastor Aaron Cuevas at


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