Grow ministry, City Church of New Orleans


It is our heart to see “Christ formed in you” (Gal. 4:19). Our team spends many hours praying, planning and developing workshops that will help you pursue a committed relationship with Christ and live out the purpose that He has designed for you. The church is one body with many members and each one of us is on an individual journey of knowing Christ and obeying His will.

Here at City Church, we believe that following Christ is a life time endeavor and our Lord wants us to not only follow Him individually, but also in community with other believers where true spiritual maturity takes place. That’s why we offer Grow workshops: an opportunity for you to connect with other believers and receive from trained and seasoned leaders. Our prayer is that in this Spirit-filled environment you will connect with God and other believers through His word which produces transformation and growth in your life!


We want to help you Grow in faith in Jesus. Our workshops are designed to provide relevant teaching, application, and biblical answers to life’s common questions so that the disciple of Christ can overcome life’s challenges and remain committed to Him in today’s world.


We want to help you “know the truth” that is in Jesus. When you grow in the knowledge of who God, learn to hear His voice, and experience His presence freedom will result. Each workshop provides an environment where you can Grow in relationship with God through Jesus by hearing his voice. Freedom is a journey and is vital to living as a disciple of Christ. We believe this happens best when you’re regularly hearing and obeying the voice of God.


Our goal is to help believers live authentically as a true disciple.

How to Register for a Grow Workshop

Registration for GROW workshops is free., however some workshops may require cost of supporting materials. When you’ve decided which workshops you want to take, you can register by clicking below or on the City Church app to register. If you have any questions, you can call 504-246-5121.



Will childcare be available?

The Nursery, Kidz City Jr. and Kidz City Sr. will be available, newborn through sixth grade.

Youth Grow (7th – 12th graders) will meet in the Sports Complex from 7:00 – 8:30pm. Registration is not required.

What time do GROW Workshops begin?

GROW workshops are offered on Wednesdays. Workshops begin at 7:00pm with worship in the sanctuary. At the completion of worship, everyone will be dismissed to their respective workshops.


Many people find it challenging to decide which workshops they should take. Here is our recommended approach:

  1. Determine your availability
    • This year, we’re offering 5 sessions of Wednesday GROW workshops. Each session includes workshops
      intended to positively impact your spiritual growth. We encourage you to attend consecutive sessions if your schedule allows.

  2. Review the workshop schedule
    • While some of our workshops may be offered twice within a year, most will be held only once during the year.

  3. Decide which workshops match your spiritual need
    • Ask The Lord to show you which workshop best meets the needs in your life.


What are Paths?

Long-term approach to experiencing and benefiting from GROW.  Includes five 4 or 8 week classes with four as foundation and one-two elective classes.

What are Tracks?

Classes in a particular subject matter leading in one direction. Eight different tracks with multiple classes dealing with the same discipline.

What is the difference between Paths and Tracks?

One helpful way to understand the difference is to picture railroad tracks and roads. Tracks lead in one direction.  Roads run away from, along side of and across over tracks at different points.  In the same way, Paths include classes from multiple tracks.  Each provides a valuable component to one’s spiritual development.

When a person completes the Paths, they may have gain a sense of God’s calling to a particular type of ministry.  At that time, a person may want to leave a Path and follow a particular type of ministry.  At that time, a person may want to leave a Path and follow a particular Track in Grow.


  • Believing in Jesus and Embracing God’s Word.
  • Belonging to God and His Family.
  • Becoming Conformed to Christ’s Image.
  • Building Believers to Equip Others.


GROW classes are categorized by eight different tracks designed to address critical areas of spiritual growth.

Spiritual Life
  • To help believers grow through the study of Scripture, the development of spiritual practices and effective engagement with today’s culture.
Marriage & Family
  • To help both married and single participants build healthy families and become one with God and with each other.
  • To help believers fall more deeply in love with God and develop a life that expresses their love for Him through their actions, thoughts, and passions.
  • To help believers experience the freedom that comes from knowing the truth about God and about who you are in Christ.
  • To help believers grow in their business, personal, or church leadership responsibilities. Each class will explore a biblical foundation of the topic and provide practical ideas for implementation.
  • To help believers capture God’s heart and vision for the nations and discover ways that they can invest their life through giving, praying, sending and going.
Financial Stewardship
  • To help believers apply biblical wisdom in their everyday finances as they gain a kingdom perspective on God’s provision and their role as a steward.
Creative Arts
  • To provide practical –hands on training in creative-performing arts ministry.