Freedom Weekend

The Christian life is meant to be a relational experience between you and God where He acts on your behalf as we respond to Him in faith. This is what was meant by the Lord Jesus when He preached, “the Kingdom of God is near”. The Father’s intent is that the realities of Heaven would be made real in your life. When we set aside time to experience God in deeper and higher way you can always expect a greater level of personal transformation. This is Freedom Weekend. It’s an opportunity to allow God to bring His best into your life as you deal with the things that may hinder you from moving forward in His purposes for you.

Freedom Weekend is designed as a safe atmosphere for you, within a group setting, to encounter the Holy Spirit through ministry activations and worship. This event is more about God’s healing presence than about teaching or lectures. Ministry topics may include knowing God as Father, Hurts & Traumas, Breaking Soul Ties, Generational Iniquities, Father/Mother Wounds, Forgiveness of Others, and Being Filled with the Holy Spirit’s Fruit, Power, and Gifts.

Freedom Weekend is hosted by City Church’s Freedom Ministries and is available for individuals ages 13+. Young persons ages 13-17 must have signed parental agreement to attend.

Registration for Freedom weekend is required and includes materials, lunch and dinner.