Media Request Procedure

Media Request Procedure

Step 1

The details of the media requests must be approved by the Associate Pastor of your ministry before being submitted to the media department.

Step 2

Once approval is granted, the appropriate request forms needs to be completed electronically at within the allotted time listed below for your particular request. (These forms are also available upon request via email.) If you will be needing anything printed included in your communications request, please refer to the printing approval process here. Your print request must have a purchase order approval  before our design team can start production on your project.

Event Request

Design / Print Request

Web / Digital Request

Video Request

Step 3

After the request is received by the media department, it will be reviewed by our management team. Once all of the details of the requests are finalized, it will be distributed for production.

(Kenneth Desvigne, the Executive Director, will contact you to confirm the receipt of the request and to ask any further questions (if needed) to create a brief.)

Step 4

The project will then be given to the project management team to input in Teamwork to be scheduled and produced according to standard process and procedures.

Communication requests will be broken down as follows:

Requests for events are to be made from the date of the event by the specified deadline given. (Promotional period is included. Promotional period for events may vary.)

Church Wide Event

(Fashion Show, Ladies Tea, Easter Egg Drop, Conferences, Christmas Musical, etc.)

(Request 6+ Months Out)

Ministry Specific Event

(Friday Night Fire, The Lounge, Mixers, Workshops, Meetings, Outreach, Fundraisers, etc.)

(Request 6+ Weeks Out)

Design / Print Only

(Posters, Signs, Postcards, Invitation, or Brochures)

(Request 6 weeks out for design & print, 4 weeks out for design, 2 weeks out for print)

Web / Digital Only

(Viewer, E-invitation, Email, or Web Page)

(Request 2 weeks out)

Video Only

(30 sec, 60 sec, 3 min. or 5 min. video spot)

(Request at least 4 weeks out)